Social Empowerment for

To support the one who is suffering from poverty without any supports from external sources and to compensate them financially and psychologically for enhancing their lives towards the betterment.

  • Vision

    Empowering our Community that is benefit of support and strength at all levels, so that they will be regarded as most required individuals to effect a change to be recognized.

  • Mission

    Keeping in mind the destitute children, poverty stricken students, misguided youth, the isolated elderly and the differently-abled, languishing in homes - providing them mental support, counselling and guiding them on to earning a livelihood by facilitating employment opportunities. Thus uplifting the economy of the Community, enhancing educational standards and improving the standard of living.

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What We do

Our Focus


Children Care Program

Adopt and facilitate parentless children in order to prosper their future.

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Students Empowerment for Transformation

Empower students and income of their families. Fostering them to assist their needs.

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Youth Empowerment for Transformation

Provide skill development programs to the youth who deprived their higher education.

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Economic Development Program

Assist a person or woman headed families to uplift their living standard.

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Special Aid Program

Assist Victims with needed support along with relief assistance & rehabilitation program.

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Green World Program

Conservation and preservation of natural resources. Organizing awareness programmers and conserving natural resources.

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Where We Work

Our Centres

Vivekananda College of Technology

Youth who have dropped their school education and missed the university enrolments, were taken into the concern in order to creating a job opportunity at the job market.

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Annai Sri Sarada Centre

After the schooling hours, students visit our Annai Sri Saradha Education Development Centre and involves in education and related activities.

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IT Learning Units

It is obvious that still people in our society struggle a lot on affording and handling the equipment technically especially computers though the growth of technology is far more.

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