Vivekananda College of Technology


Vivekananda College of Technology is a registered Technical and Vocational Education and Training Institute with the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission – (TVEC) under the Ministry of Skill Development and Vocational Training as per the parliament Act.No.20 of 1990.

Registration No : P20/0063 of Oct. 17, 2012.

All the TVET courses conducted by this college are accredited by the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission – TVEC, which the apex body authorized to authorized the acceptance of appropriate training environment and accreditation and ensure the quality and employable TVET delivery. Since because of the accreditation the Vivekananda College of Technology is given equal status as the government TVET Institute and authorized to issue National Vocational Qualification- NVQ certificate to those who found skilled and competent on accomplishment of Institutional and In-plant Training

Vivekananda College of Technology is almost in the verge of being awarded with the National Status of College of Technology. The status is being awarded by the government of Sri Lanka, as the college has established Quality Management System in the institution, besides conducting accredited TVET courses with national recognition. This significant achievement places the Vivekananda COT in the second place on the list nongovernmental organizations, which have been awarded this particular legal status in the North and Eastern regions. We are now authorized to conduct nationally recognized Diploma courses and issuance of nationally recognized Diploma certificate, awarded by the government of Sri Lanka

QMS Certificate No : 2016/OCT/03

The quality TVET delivery and the TVET center management experience since 2012 has earned high reputation and credibility for us and as a result subsequently, we receive a large number of application for each and every TVE courses we conduct.

Conducted the financial support for partnership or sponsorship programme
• Migrant Sri Lankan Domicile Abroad, Through VCF
• World Vision Lanka
• World University Service oOf Canada – WUSC-SL
• International Labour Organization – ILO
• Plan International –SL
• Berendina Employment Center
• Islamic Relief

Awarding and Membership
• Appreciate award by National chambers of commerce and National Enterprises Development Authority for the services & Education
• Good Partnership Award by WUSC

 Selected authored convenient learning center in Batticaloa to Providing Higher National Diploma Program with Sri Lanka Foundation in Calibration of Lincoln University

 member of the Eastern Chamber of ICT, which comprises the state and Eastern provincial ICT Business Shareholder forum.
 Membership for the Batticaloa District Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture
 member of the Batticaloa District Vocational Training Providers’ Association, which consists of the state and non-state Vocational Training Providers in the district.
 Membership for the Computer and Visual Technology Technician Association Batticaloa

Annai Sri Sarada Centre

After the schooling hours, students visit our Annai Sri Saradha Education Development Centre and involves in education and related activities. During the weekends and Poya-days, students are being motivated to continue their educational activities since morning and incorporated into sports, spiritual activities, cultural ethics, healthy behaviors, well beings, etc. in order to transform them towards their better future and performances, as well. Here the transformation allows the students to be focused towards their career goals and community based activities which are needed to be expressed.

Reg. Number : MU/PKI/DS/VSSO/49
Voluntary Social Service Organization

Education Development Activities

Provide Meals and basic needs in their life

Evening Class
01 Grade 8 - 11 Students (Science, Tamil, Maths, English)
02 Grade 9 - 10 Students (Science, Tamil, Maths, English)
03 Grade 10 - 09 Students (Science, Tamil, Maths, History, English)
04 Grade 11 - 10 Students (Science, Tamil, Maths, History, English)
05 After Completed O/L Exam 10 – Waiting for the result
Total No of Students 50

Special extra curricula activities
• Yogasanam and Meditation
• Karade
• Craft Making by waste papers and others
• Computer Skill training
• Physical and Mental Games

Training Programme ( 3 Months course ) for who are the after competed O/L exam
• Certificate in Life Skill Development Training (Basic IT, English for Communication and Soft Skill)

Children with Special Needs

“Pukalidam” and All Religions Forum are the organizations serving as care centers for the children with special needs in Aryampathy area under Manmunai Pattu Divisional Secretariat.

Children who are mentally retarded, physically handicapped are being cared for here. About 10 to 15 children are admitted to care here every week consecutively. These children are monitored by trained trained teachers individually.

In addition, there are 20 more beneficiary children; visit on important occasions and apart from these children there are some who are unable to walk; being looked after from their home.

These organizations are facing many risks due to current economic crisis in Sri Lanka to look after these gifted children.

These are some of their necessities and requests put forward us:

• Financial assistance for monthly three-wheeler expenses of school students.

• Provide nutritious food pack monthly

• Special classes for children (Computer training and Handicraft products from palmyrah tree)

• Hope to provide special livelihood schemes for poor background families

IT Learning Units

It is obvious that still people in our society struggle a lot on affording and handling the equipment technically especially computers though the growth of technology is far more. By considering this, we conduct fundamental courses on Computers at the backward areas and make them to be aware on technological tools as well.

Along with the aids of sponsors and donors, we have established in-classroom arrangements at the needed places to the needed people in order to utilize and adopt technological equipment and tools. Here, the places are being selected based on the level of accessing computers and the priority is given to the places where adaptation and access level are very much lower.

1. Art of Living Village of Hope Girls Home, Batticaloa
• Basic IT Training for 26 Orphan Girls sponsored by Manitha Neyam Trust

2. Annai Sarada Centre, Mullaitivu
• Basic IT Training for Centre’s students and Life Skill Development Training Programme sponsored by Manitha Neyam Trust

3. T/M/Thuvaraka Vidiyalayam, Trincomale
• Basic IT Training for School leavers and IT practical classes for School IT students sponsored by Manitha Neyam Trust

Other than this, some other organizations developed the concept on formulating computer classes and requested us to conduct our classes and trainings. Therefore, we took afford on conducting training programs and computer course there, by utilizing those opportunities.